​Karrie Wallen     

What an extraordinary story about re-connecting to our soul. Karrie Wallen has a unique way of blending reality with imagination. The Tea Room is guaranteed to lift you up. I recommend this creative story to anyone who wants to be inspired.                  -Beth B.   

A lovely journey back to soul! Very inspiring and deep perspective! A highly recommended read for the travel weary participants in the game of life!                     - M. Carpenter

I love this book by my dear friend. Karrie has a unique style that is refreshing and relatable. This is a short story of an individual's journey from complete hopelessness to complete Love...of Self...in The Tea Room.                    - Sandra Graham Redlands, CA

This is an amazing book that speaks from the soul. Haven't read one like this in a very long time! Karrie is an amazing author and divinely inspired. I, for one, am grateful she shares it with us!

                                         - K. Leeman, Author "Who & What Owns Us"

Karrie - just finished your book, The Tea Room and absolutely loved it. Just the inspiration and wisdom needed at this time...Thank you!!      - Tonja Green Pleasanton, CA

The Tea Room is awesomely beautiful! And right on! And perfectly perfect timing! Thank you!   - PL 

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