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​Karrie Wallen     

There are many of us looking for relief... solutions... understanding... We want to know who we are... how to get along with our loved ones and colleagues... how to get things done... how to be happier... how to make things better!

If you are one of us... Human Design is something for you to explore.  Finding out who you are... how best to interact with those close to you... how to make decisions best for you...  or how to be more at peace... satisfied... or excited... can bring incredible relief! 

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What is Human Design?

Human Design  is a system of self-discovery.  Its intent is the uncovering and bringing forth of the uniqueness of who you are.  Using your birth date, time and place, you are given a diagram called a bodygraph.  From that bodygraph one can begin the journey of self-discovery as well as the journey to understanding their spouse, children, friends and colleagues!  It truly is an amazing tool, one from which I have received incredible benefits - including the uncovering of answers to many of the questions above - and more!

Where can I learn more about Human Design?

For those who feel more comfortable checking things out themselves before diving into a course, a good reference site is the home of Human Design,  There, you will find an incredible amount of information about the system as well as well as be able to download your own bodygraph and the bodygraphs of those close to you.

What if I'm ready to find personal relief and as well as better my relationships?

If you're ready to begin the journey, then scheduling a FREE 30-minute introductory session or signing up for the Living Your Design course is your next step. Living Your Design (an 8 session or weekend course) is the connector between you and the understanding of you - as well as getting a basic understanding of those close to you... your boss... or your employees.

This course can be done over the phone... online... or in-person.  It can be completed individually or as a group.  For more information, please feel free to contact me as well as download a Living Your Design informational flyer (here).