In the Tea Room... the main character, reaching the point of no return, feeling certain life doesn't really matter, and seeing no reason to continue, prepares to "end it all"... But then, out of nowhere, a mysterious man suddenly appears, invites the character for a cup of tea and an incredible journey begins... 

The Tea Room will engage you... surprise you... and inspire you... It's a place you may never want to leave...

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Did you ever think... it's living the dream you carry...that changes the rules of the world?

In Metamorphosis of a Soul, Karrie Wallen has captured the very real  transformational  process of a soul on its path home... Metamorphosis of a Soul is a story of the journey, beneath the surface... beyond our reach... beyond our choice... when the soul takes charge... and life as we know it... is never the same... again...     

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Whether we can put words to it or not, many of us are searching for -- longing for -- the same thing. We desire peace, joy and freedom; our souls yearn for alignment with the Essence of who we are; and our unique, breathtaking song awaits our surrender in order to be sung. Out of the Darkness chronicles one woman's final journey of  emergence from an agonizingly painful Dark Night of the Soul into freedom and living life as a creative force. That which began as a week-long project became a year-long unexpected path to freedom and an understanding of life as the song of the Soul. Out of  the Darkness is a transformational journey of seismic proportions from feeling  dominated, burdened and enslaved by life into the bliss of freedom and the light of rude magnificence.

Metamorphosis of a Soul

Out of the Darkness

​Karrie Wallen